This Is Why I Am Perfect. And So Are You

Some time ago, I saw a man wearing a T-shirt with the message „Nobody is perfect. I am Nobody”. I found it funny at the time, even used it to show my humor every now and then. But when a teenager came to me recently, for coaching sessions and told me about the bullying she gets for not raising to her classmates’ imagined perfection standards, I realized that T-shirt print had wisdom in it.

More often that not, people defend themselves by saying they are not perfect. But this so called excuse is always made in reference to their mistakes or less pleasant behaviors. In recent years, whenever I had the chance, I blurted out in grumpy voice “and what is the universal standard of perfection?”. Working as a youth coach, it gets more and more saddening to see them taking over a belief and a reaction that is based on… nothing. One by one, I ask them to show me which or what perfection-standard they are comparing to, other than a saying so well ingrained in our collective language. They have no answer, of course.

Photo by Jonathan Hoxmark on Unsplash

But since we refer to an imaginary perfection, why don’t we use it to excuse ourselves for not being perfect in our best qualities, too? What would it be like to say: “I behaved amazing today. Not perfect, but amazing”; “I worked really well today. Not perfect, but really well”. You see, if there is a perfection standard to measure our flaws, it should as well measure our successes. And we might not win perfectly, but we would win great, or amazing or fantastic. Or good enough, and would still be a very good win.

So until further notice of a universal perfection standard, dear Nobody you are perfect. And so are we.



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